About us



One of the first karts made by EGARAKARTS

At first our company manufactured two types of karts, some for competition and others for rental karting. Then in the mid-1990s we decided to focus solely on rental karting where we became specialists as a result of working side by side with our customers and circuit managers.


Our most recent model

Nowadays there are many companies that manufacture rental karts and others that market them with varying resources, but none has EGARAKARTS’s track record, experience and knowhow.


from 1980 to today

Mr Francesc Balsebre, Egarakarts’ founder, started out in karting in the 1970s. Initially he worked at MTK and later at Arisco (where he became a partner) until in the late 1980s he founded EGARAKARTS. In 2007 his son Mr Xavier Balsebre took over management of the company and has continued the excellent work that has always set us apart by starting the company’s process of expansion and internationalisation with new and enhanced products.

Now if we may we would like to invite you to find out about our history in a more graphic way by showing you a photo album of the karts we have made over this time, because as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words,