In 2011 EGARAKARTS SL designed the first version of the EK11 junior model. A kart for children and young people, it was designed and adapted from the EK29 model. Ideal for children aged 7 to 17 years.

The EGARAKARTS EK11 is the perfect vehicle for young drivers. It is designed with a high level of safety in mind and this makes it the ideal vehicle for circuits that cater for children and for driver education centres. Like the EK29 it has a padded headrest to protect the cervical area from shock and a safety belt as standard. The seat, pedals and steering wheel are fully adjustable to the height of the young driver. All of this makes it an extremely adaptable and safe go-kart.

The EGARAKARTS EK11 has a fully customisable appearance and high-quality, simple and reliable mechanics.

Its great performance makes it the preferred go-kart among young drivers!


  • ek11front
  • ek11back
  • EK11 Detalle deposito
  • EK11 detalle motor
  • EK11 detalle posterior
  • EK11 detalle pedales
  • EK11 detalle asiento


  • High-quality chrome-molybdenum chassis, stability and reliability designed by EGARAKARTS, comes painted with a special hard-wearing plasticised paint to withstand the demands of any circuit.
  • The pedals, seat and steering wheel are fully adjustable to the driver’s height for a very comfortable ride.
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic brake. (The pads adjust to the disk with wear)
  • Braking system. (When you step on the brake, the gas stops working)
  • Exhaust pipe with basalt fibre resistant to 900º with DB KILLER to reduce noise, removable to increase noise.
  • Fully covered to protect against burns and impacts (TANK-AXLE-ENGINE)
  • Full undercarriage protection with polyethylene strips that protect the frame from the abrasion of the track surface and curbs.
  • Full polyethylene bumper protection designed by EGARAKARTS.
  • Sliding seat with five positions
  • Plastic XL seat.
  • Sliding pedals with five positions.
  • Height-adjustable steering wheel.
  • Height-adjustable steering rod.
  • Axle with two special EGARAKARTS bearing supports (prevents damage to support)
  • Reinforced aluminium monoblock rims
  • Chain tensioner or roller belt
  • Flexible nylon steering rods with M-10 ball-and-socket joint
  • Belt or chain
  • Knuckle stops (prevents damage to ball-and-socket joints)
  • Padded headrest
  • Rear LED brake light
  • 3-litre fuel tank
  • MIKUNI fuel pump
  • Custom branding
  • Available in three colours: RED-BLUE-BLACK
  • Seat Belt


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