In 2014 EGARAKARTS designed, manufactured and brought to market the MINI-BI go-kart. This kart has been designed and adapted specifically for one adult and one child, meeting all the child safety requirements for safe driving.

Like its predecessor the SUPER-BI, it has been designed for all kinds of children, such as those who do not want to drive a kart themselves, those whose age or size prevents then from doing so, or simply for teaching them to drive. Riding in this kind of go-kart first will give the child more confidence when it comes to driving.

Enjoy the sport with the kids without compromising on safety!

  • minibifront
  • minibiback
  • minibidet1
  • minibidet2
  • minibidet3


  • High-quality chrome-molybdenum chassis, stability and reliability designed by EGARAKARTS, comes painted with a special hard-wearing plasticised paint to withstand the demands of any circuit.
  • 1 Sliding seat with five positions
  • 1 fixed children’s seat
  • 1 Plastic adult XXL Seat
  • 1 Plastic kid XL Seat
  • 2 extendible safety belts
  • 2 Padded headrests
  • Fixed pedals.
  • Full polyethylene bumper protection designed by EGARAKARTS.
  • Self-adjusting hydraulic brake. (The pads adjust to the disk with wear)
  • Braking system. (When you step on the brake, the gas stops working)
  • Original Honda exhaust pipe.
  • Original Honda fuel tank.
  • Fully covered to protect against burns and impacts (TANK-AXLE-ENGINE-FRONT WHEELS)
  • Full undercarriage protection with polyethylene strips that protect the frame from the abrasion of the track surface and curbs.
  • Full aluminium footrest
  • Axle with three special EGARAKARTS bearing supports (prevents damage to support)
  • Reinforced aluminium monoblock rims
  • Chain tensioner or roller belt
  • Stell steering rods
  • Belt or chain
  • Knuckle stops (prevents damage to ball-and-socket joints)
  • Rear LED brake light
  • Custom branding
  • Available in three colours: RED-BLUE-BLACK


Honda GX200 with wet clutch.